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Are you looking for the highest quality hardwood pellets for your pellet stove? Manchester Heating Pellets are made right here in Connecticut!

Are you tired of buying cheap heating pellets that clog your pellet stove with ash and cause reduced efficiency?

Buy 100% natural, ultra low ash-content heating pellets direct from our pellet mill in Manchester, Connecticut. Our pellets exceed Pellet Fuels Institute premium standards and have the one of the lowest ash content levels on the market. If you're looking for hot-burning heating pellets, order a pallet of Manchester Heating Pellets today. We manufacture our heating pellets right here in Connecticut from local hardwoods. Our wood raw materials are 100% debarked, which means the lowest ash content and efficient pellet stove operation. Buying Manchester Heating Pellets supports local manufacturing.

Our pellets work in all pellet stoves, including: Breckwell, ComfortBilt, Enviro, Harman, Enviro, Breckwell Hearth, St. Croix, Osburn, Pelpro, Piazzetta, Quadra-Fire, Ravelli, Regency, Thelin Hearth Products, True North and US Stove.

When you choose Manchester Heating Pellets for your pellet stove, you'll experience the delightful, natural wood aroma that's reminiscent of sitting beside a cozy fire on a crisp winter evening. Our commitment to using 100% real wood, free from any fillers or additives, ensures you enjoy the pure essence of wood heating while making an eco-conscious choice. Discover the unmatched warmth and authenticity of Manchester Pellets, enhancing your home's ambiance and reducing your environmental footprint.

Delivery is available in Connecticut.

Pickup Address: 46 Apel Place Manchester, CT 06042
Tel: (860) 474-3045 Pickup Hours: Monday-Friday, 8AM-4PM

If you are picking up heating pellets, please go to building 46-I. When you enter Apel Place, drive past the brick building on the left, drive through gate, turn left and drive down to building 46-I. Park by the garage door and a team member will meet you.