About Us

Our Mission

At Manchester Heating Pellets, our mission is straightforward but profound: to provide our local community and surrounding regions with the highest quality heating pellets available on the market. As a family-run mill, we understand the importance of community and are committed to helping our neighbors adapt to a changing world.


A Unique Approach to Quality

We take immense pride in being the only pellet mill in the United States of America that manufactures heating pellets from fresh, green hardwood chips. These chips are specially ground and dried in our state-of-the-art facility to produce a high-BTU, ultra-low ash content pellet. When you choose Manchester Heating Pellets, you're not just choosing a heating solution; you're choosing a product that actually smells like wood when it's burning.

No Compromises on Ingredients

Our commitment to quality extends to the materials we use. Unlike many competitors who rely on sawmill waste such as sawdust or planar shavings, we use no fillers, chemicals, or glues in our pellets. This not only differentiates our product but also ensures that you're bringing a safe, natural product into your home.

Leading the Way in Sustainability

We're not just in the business of keeping homes warm; we're in the business of creating a sustainable future. Our mill is committed to using natural, local wood biomass materials in our manufacturing process. We're excited to help families make the shift from heating oil and propane to wood pellets, thereby reducing their carbon footprint and contributing to a greener planet.

Low Ash Content: A Testament to Quality

One of the standout features of our pellets is their low ash content, which is among the lowest on the market. This not only makes for a cleaner, more efficient burn but also reduces the maintenance required for your pellet stove. It's another way we differentiate ourselves from the lower-end pellets often found at big-box stores.

Community-Centric Philosophy

As a family-run mill located in the heart of Manchester, Connecticut, we understand the importance of community. We're not just providing a product; we're providing a service that helps our community adapt to a changing climate and energy landscape. By offering both pickup and delivery options across multiple states, we ensure that high-quality, sustainable heating is accessible to as many people as possible.

We invite you to experience the Manchester Heating Pellets difference and join us in creating a warmer, more sustainable future. 

Pickup Address:
Manchester Heating Pellets
46 Apel Place - Building 46-I
Manchester, CT 06042
Tel: (860) 474-3045
Pickup Hours: Monday-Friday, 8AM-4PM
If you are picking up heating pellets, please go to building 46-I. When you enter Apel place, drive past the brick building on the left, drive through gate and turn left and drive down to building 46-I. Park by the garage and a team member will load your vehicle.