Global instability can lead to heating oil shortages

Why Your Pellet Stove in Connecticut Needs Manchester Heating Pellets Now!


If you're a Connecticut homeowner who relies on both a pellet stove and home heating oil for winter heating, now is the critical time to secure a full season's worth of heating pellets for your pellet stove. Escalating tensions in the Middle East could lead to serious disruptions in the global oil supply. Given that heating oil is a refined product made from crude oil, any spike in global oil prices will translate into an increase in home heating oil costs. In fact, we've already seen a 10% rise in prices within the past week, and the conflict has not yet spread. The risk of shortages and supply disruptions is real, making immediate action essential.

Manchester Heating Pellets are produced right here in Connecticut and are priced more competitively than heating pellets of similar quality (pellets with very low ash content). Plus, Manchester Heating Pellets offers affordable local delivery options to Manchester and surrounding areas. Don't wait for energy prices to rise further. Stock up on pellets today!

Volatility Characterizes Global Oil Markets

Extreme volatility is often displayed by global oil markets. Triggered by geopolitical events or even the mere threat of an oil embargo, significant fluctuations in oil prices can be observed. A historical precedent was set in the 1970's, when oil prices quadrupled due to an embargo. By such an event, a clear message is conveyed: dependence on oil for home heating carries financial risks.

Financial Strain Felt by Connecticut Households

A direct impact on the cost of living in Connecticut would be made by soaring oil prices. Most keenly felt during the winter months, the financial burden of heating costs can be overwhelming for many households.

Stock Up Before Winter: A Prudent Decision with Flexible Delivery Options

For Connecticut residents, especially those in or near Manchester where our mill is based, stocking up on Manchester Heating Pellets before winter is not just a wise choice but also a convenient one. We offer a unique service that allows you to pre-purchase your pellets for the season at a lower cost, with the added benefit of delivery included. When you pre-purchase your pellets, we offer the option to store them at our warehouse. As you need them throughout the winter, we can deliver one pallet at a time directly to your doorstep. This service eliminates the need for you to clutter your home or garage with large numbers of wood pellets, making it an ideal solution for those with limited storage space.


Smart choices must be made by Connecticut residents in the face of global economic uncertainties, especially those concerning oil prices. A sustainable solution, both economically and environmentally, is provided by Manchester Heating Pellets. These premium, 100% natural pellets offer an effective buffer against the unpredictability of heating oil prices. The threat of skyrocketing oil prices no longer needs to be a source of worry. Financial stability and environmental responsibility are seamlessly achieved by making the switch to Manchester Heating Pellets.

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